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Dental & Vision Insurance

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Get Affordable Dental Insurance from Carriers you Trust

Coverage for routine check-ups and cleanings

Savings for out-of-pocket expenses

Fast, simple, online enrollment for all plans

Coverage Options Based on your Individual Needs

Get access to large network of dentists from Unitedhealthcare and Cigna

Why Get Dental Insurance?

Dental plans don't have to be expensive.  Get plans starting as low as $12.29/month*

Routine Dental Care

Access to Providers

Most plans will cover routine dental cleaning, preventive services, X-rays and more

Affordable Premiums

PPO Coverage

Vision Insurance from UnitedHealthcare


Having trouble finding the plan you're looking for?

Experts are here to help.  Contact us for more information on shopping for coverage or questions regarding dental or vision coverage.

short-term insurance

Other Coverage Options Available to You

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