It’s Renewal Time – This is what your Options Look Like

If you’re a small business owner who offers health insurance to your employees, your options might sometimes seem like a one-or-the-other proposition: Either offer a group health plan to your employees at exorbitant rates that rise each year, or tell your employees “Sorry, we can’t afford to offer health insurance.”

Making the Case for Health Insurance on Campus

Some students are in a scramble to find health insurance. They may not qualify for their parent's plan anymore because they've aged out of it. Whatever the reason, if they don't have health insurance, the IRS will probably penalize them. Campuses of all types and sizes are thinking about new options when it comes to providing health insurance options to students. Here's one optionthat we think deserves top honors.

Keep the Coverage You Want

The more things change, the more you want the same coverage. There will be some big changes to health insurance plans in the coming weeks, but we can help you stick with the type of coverage you want. Learn more about what to expect and how to find the health insurance plan that's right for you.

What does “Open Enrollment” mean?

You hear terms like Open Enrollment Period when someone's talking about helath insruance, but what does it mean? Read on to find out, and to learn more about how The OEP can change your financial outlook in 2016 for your business.

Keeping the Bottom Line in Check for Non-profits

There are so many types of non-profit companies, and they're all competition for good talent. To keep and retain employees, these organizations often rely on good benefits packages combined with challenging, rewarding work, to attract and retain employees. Here's one strategy for offering a wide choice of benefits without sacrificing the bottom line.

What is the future for consumer-driven accounts?

A heatlh savings account and other similar savings vehicles can help you put away some money to use later for medical expenses. With this cushion, you can feel better about a higher deductible on your heatlh insurance, because you'll have an account to pull from if you need it. Consider savings as part of your overall health coverage plan.



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