IXSolutions and PBPA - You Have More Choice Than You Think

Did you know that there are more ways than ever before to access affordable insurance options? The partnership between IXSolutions  and thePBPA allows you to provide your department with a group plan that requires NO minimum participation or contributions and allows you to retain your pre-tax savings.

We also offer an individual solution that retirees will love. They can gain access to a wide range of health insurance options available through a private health insurance exchange and choose a plan that’s right for them. This plan works well for part-time and seasonal staff - another great perk for recruitment and retention.

Health Insurance for Families and Individuals

We provide individual employees and their families access to the health insurance marketplace IXSolutions.  The marketplace is designed for consumers to shop and compare health plans that are being offered by the nation’s leading insurance companies. As a way to help inform consumers, IXSolutions also provides online educational resources that explain the health insurance basics.

Shop for Plans Now

Health Insurance for Businesses

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees can find affordable group plans. With Blue DirectionsSM for Small Business, you’ll have access to a private exchange solution from Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® that offers choice to your employees – and cost savings for your business.

Group Plan Features:

  • Group rates in every rating area
  • Contribution modeling tools that help you decide what your contribution strategy should be
  • Ability to offer medical and ancillary benefits
  • Enrollment tools for employees to use to compare plans
  • Customer support throughout the process

How you Benefit:

  • Select the price point that works for you
  • Understand your contribution level and create usable financial models for budgeting
  • Employees will appreciate having options
  • Tools empower employees to make smart health insurance choices
  • You and your employees can have questions answered – without putting a burden on your HR department

Complimentary with Every Individual Health Plan

Get covered with IXSolutions and you’ll receive an annual subscription to Health Advocate, which means 24/7 assistance with:

  • Finding a doctor or hospital
  • Medical claims and billing issues
  • Questions about tests and treatments
  • Locating eldercare services