Reduce the cost of legal services with MetLaw

A legal service plan available through MetLife. Available for less than a $1/day


MetLaw legal service plans are available to businesses with as few as two employees enrolled. MetLaw gives you unlimited, undivided attention from a network of over 15,000 attorneys for only $25/month.

Why is having a legal plan so important?

There are many times in life when you may need the services of a qualified attorney:  from purchasing a home to preparing a will — MetLaw covers all your personal and financial legal expenses.

MetLaw is available to businesses with as few as 2 employees enrolled.

No matter how many times you use a network attorney over the course of the year for covered legal matters, all you pay is your monthly premium; zero co-pays and no deductible. The best part is, MetLaw is conveniently deducted from your paycheck.

Affordable coverage for everyday legal matters:

Estate planning docs, including Wills and Trusts

Real estate matters

Financial matters, like debt collection defense

Identity theft defense

Traffic offenses

Document review

Family law, adoption and name changes

Unlimited advice on personal legal matters

Download the complete list of covered legal services:

MetLaw Benefits

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    No participation requirements
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    Product availability down to 2 employees enrolled
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    No co-pays, no deductible
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    Unlimited telephone advice and office consultations on personal legal matters

Save thousands of dollars on common legal services with MetLaw

Don't enroll in a discount program like LegalShield. MetLaw gives you 100% coverage for less than a $1/day.

 The average cost for a 1-hour legal consultation is $338. Leverage an attorney one time and MetLaw pays for itself.

Get MetLaw for only $25/month

The average cost for a 1-hour legal consultation is $338. Leverage an attorney one time and MetLaw pays for itself. Complete the form and a Benefits Consultant from will contact you right away to get the process started. 


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