Short Term Health Insurance

Coverage costs 70% less than Obamacare*

*Short term medical plans are not ACA compliant.

Health insurance has gotten expensive.

But it isn't worth remaining uninsured.

Short term health insurance is becoming a popular ACA alternative. With plans offering up to 364 days of ongoing coverage and no enrollment deadline, it’s no wonder people want it.

Plans have significantly lower premiums than major medical, but that’s mostly because they are medically underwritten and don’t have to cover essential health benefits like mental healthcare, pregnancy and preventive care.

Short term health insurance is meant to protect you from the unexpected. You can enroll today and have a policy in your name tomorrow.

Access to National Aetna

Open Choice PPO Network

Child only coverage available

Only short term carrier with 364 days of coverage

Easy online enrollment

Utilizes United HealthCare Choice PPO Network

Both carriers offer plans with copays and deductibles starting at $1,000.

We provide coverage options from the leading carriers:

Select plans with prescription coverage 

90 day term per applicaiton

Citizenship not required

Questions about Short Term Health Insurance?





364 days of coverage

Medically underwritten

Large PPO networks offered with most plans


Plans may be kept in place indefinitely

Guaranteed issue

Small PPO networks or HMOs offered with most plans

Next day enrollment

Annual 45 day enrollment window

How do I know if short term is right for me?

  • Uninsured and don't have a qualifying life event
  • Waiting for Medicaid approval from the marketplace
  • Find ACA plans to be unaffordable
  • Looking for a low-cost alternative to COBRA
  • Seeking a catastrophic insurance option
  • Ineligible for major medical coverage
  • In-between jobs
  • Waiting for group benefits to kick in
  • Not quite eligible for Medicare (almost 65)
  • Kicked off parent’s policy (recently turned 26)


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